Getting Involved

The Status of Our Trails

There is an overwhelming crisis caused by a National Forest service backlog of trail maintenance. In 2014 it was reported the US Forest Service is responsible for 158,000 miles of trails throughout 155 National Forests and national Grasslands. In 2014, however, only one fourth of its trail miles meet agency public use standards.

The backlog in trail maintenance has grown worse. The deteriorating condition has prevented public access as a result of their unsafe or impassible condition.

Unfortunately, Congress continues to view funding public lands as a low priority. Organizations like BCHA and others provide this maintenance service so prevent the trails from growing over and limiting public access due to neglect.

Be the Solution

BCH has an amazing volunteer membership to help us in our mission. Countless hours are spent annually cleaning these neglected trails not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren. 

Whether you ride, or just enjoy the serenity and beauty nature provides, you can help by becoming a member or making a donation. 

All donations are tax deductible.